Let us help you with your information technology needs so you can focus on running your business or non-profit group.

Help Desk Services

Based on your needs

Everyone that uses computers has questions from time to time. How do I do this in Word? How can I make my spreadsheet do that? What do I do about this strange message I’m getting? How do I backup/restore my key data? My PC crashed, what do I do now? How can I sync my Outlook calendar with my Blackberry? How can I remember and safeguard all my passwords?

We’re here to help with these and the million other questions that can arise from time to time.

Don’t have a specific question but would like some basic training on your PC or some specific software such as Outlook, Word, Excel? We do that too.

You tell us what your needs are . . .

We can tailor our service to your needs and your budget. Here are some examples of our flexibility:

Our strength is doing things remotely and that allows us to manage our resources more effectively and keep our fees low however exceptions will be made as long as service to our other clients is not compromised.